Dedicated Email Blast Ad Specs

Design Checklist

  • Recommended maximum dimensions: 600 x 600–800 pixels
  • Recommended collective size of all image files: 40kB. Maximum collective size of all image files: 300kB (required). Note: Email will be returned for rework if collective image file size is over 300kB.
  • Optimize HTML content across the various common email clients*. Make sure to check the email’s appearance before submitting materials to Outreach Media Group. We require emails to be optimized for both Outlook 2003 and 2007. Learn more about Outlook 2007’s supported HTML features.
  • When using CSS, please use inline styles rather than external or internal styles. To use inline styles, you place the style attribute in the relevant tag rather than the head of the HTML document. Many email clients will strip out the head section, therefore removing any CSS other than inline styles. For more information on CSS support in emails, check out this Guide to CSS Support in Email.
  • Avoid image maps. Image maps rely on technology that is not supported in many email browsers. This means that some subscribers may not even be able to click on your email at all. Instead of using an image map, slice up the image and place it in a table (an easy option in most design software). This will also increase the deliverability of your email.
  • Check out our recommendations for increasing deliverability. We comply with CAN-SPAM legislation and run a spam check on every email before sending it out. If your email triggers a high rating, we will work with you to make necessary adjustments.
  • Check out these techniques, rules, and suggestions to help you create more effective and viewable emails: Basic HTML email coding.

Delivery Checklist

Deliver these items six (6) business days before send date. Please submit FINAL artwork/material. If you need to resubmit artwork after it has been processed for approval, there will be an $85 reprocessing fee.
  • .HTML file
  • Subject line
  • Zipped folder containing all images (required). We upload the images from your email to our server.
  • Text backing (optional)
Email all of these items to six (6) business days before send date.
For tips on how to increase the ROI on your email blast, read these articles: Church Email Marketing Tips: 5 Steps to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck and 6 Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines that Engage and Electrify.
*Advertisers are responsible for the proper format and optimization of the materials they submit.

Learn more about our church email lists.

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